Resolution for Smokers: QUIT!!

This is a follow-up on my previous posting, ‘To Resolute Or Not To Resolute’.

I wasn’t planning on having a follow-up but when I read this now, I had to post it.

This is for my friends who should quit and don’t and you know who you are!! 😉  If you are asking yourself, “Could she be referring to me?”, then the answer is probably, “YES!”Just the fact that you wondering, clearly makes you a smoker and you should be quitting. Regardless, if I was thinking of you or not.

So my dear friends, whom I care a lot about, QUIT! Life is already so short in itself, why would you want to make it even shorter with that horrible habit??

Below are some tips on how to quit. You can do it! 🙂

Be awesomely blessed!



Some people find it very easy to stop smoking, others find it very difficult – and most are in between. The National Council Against Smoking identifies four stages to quitting: you think about it; you prepare to stop; you stop; and you work on staying smoke-free. Here’s their advice:

* The night before give-up day throw away all your cigarettes, including butts. Get rid of lighters and ashtrays. Replace cigarettes with sugar-free gum, straws, toothpicks, or worry beads to keep your hands and mouth busy. Be positive.

If you are using aids like nicotine gum, patches, spray or inhaler, be sure you know how to use them. Read the package inserts carefully.

Smoke your last cigarette and say goodbye to an old enemy.

* The big day: be good to yourself and don’t push yourself too hard. Have fruit juice for breakfast. The acidity will help get rid of the nicotine. Plan a treat for the end of the day as a reward for not smoking.

* The days that follow: take one day at a time. Don’t think of never smoking again. Think of quitting in terms of one day at a time. Say to yourself: “I won’t smoke today,” and then don’t. Congratulate yourself at the end of each day for your success. Your goal is to get through each day without a cigarette. Deal with one urge at a time and beat it.

* Avoid temptation: develop a clean, fresh, non-smoking environment around you. Avoid smokers. Spend more time with non-smokers. Avoid places where you used to smoke and don’t sit in smoking sections. For the first week or two, try to avoid alcohol, coffee, and other beverages that you associate with smoking.

* Cope with the urge to smoke: remind yourself of your reasons for stopping smoking. Reassure yourself: “This may be tough, but I can do it!” Tell yourself: “I choose not to smoke.” Practise the 5 Ds – drink water, deep breathing, do something else, discuss with friends, delay.


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