Language Services Offered: Translations & Tutoring

Please excuse me today but I will be using my blog to advertise my linguistic services. 🙂

As you all know, times are tough lately and one has to do, what one has to do, to survive in this competitive world. I also like to think of myself as a “go-getter”, so this is me “going and getting”. 😀

So if you come across my blog and see this “advert” and know of someone who might be in need of a service mentioned, please pass my details on.

Please Note:

*Tutoring and Conversation classes are local to Munich, Germany only.

*Translation work is done internationally, using electronic means.

Thanks and be awesomely blessed!


Language Services Offered

English, French & Portuguese Language Teaching

• For groups or one-to-one training
• Focused on the needs of the learner(s)
• All levels – beginners to advanced
• Nachhilfe (Bavarian syllabus)

Translation Services

English to French/ Portuguese/ Spanish/ Italian/ German/ Afrikaans
French/ Portuguese/ Spanish/ Italian/ German/ Afrikaans to English

Translations for any other combination of languages is also done.

i.e. Portuguese to German  or Spanish to French etc.

Other Services include:

Proofreading, editing, creative writing assistance, conversational classes for individuals and groups

For more information, quotations or tutoring prices, contact me at



  1. Wish you best of luck in your language and translation business.

  2. I hope for the best for you and this new venture, Claudia!

    • Thank you so much. I also need lots of prayer… 🙂
      The Lord is good and He has His hand in all I do…. always for His glory.

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