‘Fit For Him’ Tuesday – Week 8

I can’t believe we are on Week 8 of ‘Fit For Him’ Tuesday. Wow, time surely does fly.


Vitamins and Minerals

Having just recovered from a terrible flu and getting on the road again today, after 2 weeks, to jog, took it all out of me. So I know that I will have to go back to taking my Vitamins regularly, if I am going to stay healthy, energetic and regain my running performance from 2 weeks ago.

Here is a list of the key Vitamins & Minerals for Runners.

Vitamin B – helps release energy from food and makes nerve and muscle tissues function properly.

Vitamin C – known as the anti-cold vitamin, also useful for hard structures in the body – eg bones, teeth, cartilage etc.

Vitamin E – helps with maintenance of the immune system.

Glucosamine – see Glucosamine page

Omega 3 – These are fish oils.

Calcium – Vital for bones


Magnesium – counters tiredness and depression

Potassium – a deficiency of this causes a lack of energy due to poor control of bodies water balance


Folic Acid

Please NoteRunners don’t get energy from vitamins, but they are still an important part of their diet. Exercise may produce compounds called free radicals, which can damage cells. Vitamins C, E, and A are antioxidants and can neutralize free radicals. Getting your vitamins from whole foods is preferable to supplementation; there’s no strong evidence that taking supplements improves either health or athletic performance.


Running – Week 6

Run 6 minutes/walk 1 minute-repeat 3 times. Total run is 18 minutes. Total time is 21 minutes.

Remember your 5 minute brisk walk, as warm-up. 🙂

Have fun and be awesomely blessed!



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