‘Fit For Him’ Tuesday – Week 5

You should be feeling great by now. We are on week 5, so that means 5 weeks of life changes. Changes, to help you feel better and live a healthier lifestyle.

So here are this week’s nutrition tip and running plan. 🙂



Did you know that a 100g Apple only has 49 calories! What an awesome, low Cal. snack that makes, compared to a chocolate bar or a even one small biscuit. A 28,3g plain biscuit, with no chocolate chips in it or anything “delicious” has 103 calories!!!  Get my point?? So start grabbing those apples and lose those unwanted kilos… 😉

Besides, fruit is high on vitamins, fibre and healthy sugars. Just what your beautifully, God created body requires.


Week Three

Run 2 minutes/walk 2 minutes-repeat 6 times. Total run is 12 minutes. Total time is 24 minutes.

Remember to warm-up with a 5 minute brisk walk. This time is not included in the above times.

Isaiah 40:31 “…they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint…”

Be awesomely blessed!




  1. WOW, that is great I will try to apply it but not just 2min but like 5 min run+3min walk and so one.God Bless

    • Great! 🙂
      The idea with this program is to build it up slowly to the point where you will just be running at the end and doing no walking.
      For me personally, it was the program that worked best, as I am a swimmer and not a runner, but now I am running!! Whoohooo… haha.
      Have fun and happy running! 🙂

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