Dug Down Deep – Book Review

I recently wrote a book review on Joshua Harris’ new book, ‘Dug Down Deep’,  for my friend, Landry Glaubemann’s Blog. (www.landryglaubemann.blogspot.com). It is a book really worth reading and so, I have decided to post my review for you today.

Be awesomely blessed! 🙂

Review by Cláudia de Nóbrega

My copy of Dug Down Deep, looks like it has been dipped in buckets of neon Green, Orange, Pink and Yellow paint.

When I read a book, I always have little page marking Post-It notes, so that I can mark a page, where there was a sentence or remark that stood out or shouted “Wow!! I need to remember this!”.  By the time, I have finished the book, there will be 2 or 3 of these notes, in the whole book but this was certainly not the case, with Joshua Harris’ Dug Down Deep.

Every single page was screaming “Wow!”, “AMEN!”, “Hey, me too!” “Thank-you Joshua!”   I had to go back to the stationary store twice, to stock up on my Post-Its, because I kept running out.

Joshua Harris, has a burning desire and passion to KNOW God more and his desire is for each and every one of us, to have that too.

So, he humbled himself, put aside all embarrassment and guilt of thoughts he might have had in his faith walk, to share with us where he once was and where he is now and where is still tries every day to be and go, and that is to get down to knowing God more intimately and deeper.  Really “digging down deep” into who God is and what He has done for us and not on what we can do for God.

To quote a couple of the many things that stood out for me.

1)      ‘Me-ology’

How we always seem to make things about me, me, me and neglect to think about others and God’s purpose.

“I learned that God’s purpose for me is inextricably tied to his purpose for his people.  My faith isn’t all about me.  It isn’t only about my story and my journey.  Being a Christian is about us belonging to God and to each other and then together fulfilling God’s mission in the world.

2)      Gifts and Serving

People put too much focus on having ‘Spiritual Gifts’ and neglect other gifts that God has blessed them with that can be used to serve god’s people.

““When people ask me how to discover their spiritual gifts, I say, ‘Just serve.’ There’s a good chance the gifts God has given you to serve are the same ones you use in your daily work.  Don’t worry about whether or not you have a gift that appears in one of the lists of spiritual gifts in the Bible. Those lists aren’t exhaustive. Instead, just look around you for needs and then try to meet them.  If what you do is helpful and other people are encouraged by you service, maybe you have a gift.

And then Harris completes this thought with a remark that many people seem to forget when it comes to offering their time to serving in their churches or in their communities:

“It’s not about you and your gift; it’s about serving the needs of others and glorifying Jesus through your life.” !!!

Not about you or me! But about others! And GLORIFYING JESUS through our lives!


There is even a helpful ‘9 page bonus’ within the book, where he shares with the reader s some personal pencil sketches that he made to explain the Christian’s relationship with the flesh.  And he makes you laugh when he adds, with typical Joshua Harris humour “Feel free to colour”.

I wish this book had been written and available to me 6 years ago, when I gave my life to the Lord and made Him my Lord and Saviour. This book has answered questions, I have had about certain areas in my life where I still felt like I was in ‘limbo’ so to speak or confused or afraid about.

Joshua Harris, speaks to you through this book, as if he was sitting right next to you in your living room and opens up in ways, you often don’t find in Christian theologians’ books.

He speaks to you about his father’s hippy, weed smoking days and giving his life to the Lord, he opens up about his parents being “closet charismatics” and about how grateful he is for his parents faith, that made him who is today. Reading it, you can almost ‘see and feel’ him smiling with love and gratitude. Not only for his parents,  but smiling with love and gratitude for God. For what God has done in his life and how much more he wants to know Him deeply and intimately.

Joshua Harris leaves you wanting to go pick up a shovel and start digging deep. Really, really deep!

Thank you Joshua Harris!


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